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Start Ups and Emerging Businesses

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Starting and owning a business can be an exciting opportunity and journey for you, but business ownership can also present unique concerns. Adding in legal advice can do wonders to reduce your fears.   We focus on handling the critical legal aspects of your company so that you can focus on growth, management, and profits.  Recognizing that each business is different, we work with you to create a strategy that aligns with your company’s needs and your current business stage.

Some of the most common challenges encountered by business owners in the initial stage of development include what formation to choose, the availability of financing, ensuring federal and state regulatory compliance, solidifying real estate, protecting intellectual property, and establishing guidelines for executive and employee compensation.  Get the help you need today from a team that is just as committed to your success as you are.

General Counsel Services

business 2In-House Alternatives

There are many law firms out there who will promise you that they’re not your typical firm, but we actually live up to that value proposition.  We know that there are many clients out there who cannot afford or do not want to hire a full-time, in-house attorney, but these same clients often need to call on such an individual.  What if you could have all the benefits of an informed attorney without having to hire this person to be in the office each day?  This is the kind of flexibility and peace of mind offered by our general counsel services.

A general counsel service like ours doesn’t just focus on putting out fires (although we’re pretty effective at that, too).  Since we try to learn as much as possible about your business and your priorities, we work to identify legal concerns before they happen.  This helps you manage your short-term issues while also laying the groundwork for success in the future.  Taking things off your plate so that you can focus on what you do best is our desire and our commitment to our clients.  Whether it’s identifying possible liabilities or addressing immediate business problems, our attorneys are here to help.

Corporate and Business Law

 After your business progresses beyond the initial phases involved in startup, there are still legal concerns that you might have.  This is where the insight from experienced business attorneys can help you understand some of the common strategies to reduce risks and maximize your bottom line. For businesses of all sizes and in all stages, there are legal services for which you might want to retain a corporate attorney, including: mergers and acquisitions, risk mitigation and compliance, restructuring for new owners, drafting and reviewing contracts, employment issues, licensing and distribution agreements, and dealing with people who don’t pay on time.

The reality is that help is out there, and you shouldn’t be burdening yourself with these kind of legal headaches, anyway.  The more your company grow, the more likely you are to find yourself tangled up in a legal issue.  Getting the advice from someone who is knowledgeable about these corporate issues takes a huge weight off your shoulders and puts you back in the driver’s seat as the decision maker.

Franchise Law

HamburgerStarting, Selling or Buying a Franchise? 

Although many attorneys might advertise themselves as assisting with franchises, not every attorney will have the adequate experience necessary to help you with your new business venture.  Both franchisees and franchisors should work with an experienced franchise attorney from the outset.

From start to finish, an individual seeking information about a franchise opportunity could benefit from the sinighted provided by an experienced franchise attorney.  Understanding the legal aspects of a possible franchise opportunity is usually the first step of this process, but it is only one of several steps.  From this point, your franchise attorney should evaluate all franchise registration papers, agreements, trademark registrations and licenses, and franchise disclosure documents.  At the next stage of launching a franchise business, an attorney can be helpful for the negotiation and review of real estate leases, franchise agreements, and other contracts associated with the launch of your new franchised business.  Finally, it’s important for franchisees to understand their rights and responsibilities under both state and federal law.

There are several different stages during which a franchisor can get valuable advice from a legal professional, including evaluating the legal aspects of structuring and developing a franchise system; drafting and developing franchise agreements and other legal documents necessary for franchisors; determining appropriate systems for preventing and managing disputes with franchisees and other stakeholders within the franchise system; complying with applicable state and federal laws; and assisting with litigation, arbitration, and mediation.

Real Estate and Commercial Transactions

Let’s Make a Deal

The real estate market is both dynamic and complex, which is why it’s so beneficial to hire a real estate attorney as soon as you believe you need legal guidance.  If you are contemplating any kind of real estate transaction, whether it be residential or commercial, an attorney with a background in real estate law can help you stay well-informed about your responsibilities and possible risks that you could encounter during the process.

Some of the most common services sought out by our clients include:  design and construction; retail and commercial leasing; property purchase and equity investment agreements; joint venture agreements; and financing.  From start to finish, a real estate attorney working as your advocate can help make you aware of possible risks or challenges, as well as remedies for overcoming these obstacles.  Our services are designed to help you at each stage of your transaction so that you are confident and excited about your purchase or sale.

Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Conflict is Inevitable, Combat is Optional

 Unfortunately, there may come a time when you find yourself in need of legal advice regarding the management of a legal dispute related to your business or a specific relationship or transaction.  Knowing how to weigh your options in the event of a disagreement can be critical for achieving a resolution of that dispute.

Too many business owners and individuals assume that their only option to resolve disputes is litigation.  While many turn to litigation, it’s often not the most expedient or effective one.  In many cases, mediation or arbitration may be the more appropriate route for the resolution of your commercial conflict.

Our goal is to help you avoid unnecessary litigation that can pull you away from your business.  The cost of litigation in terms of time and finances required to manage it effectively can be exorbitant, and while some cases may escalate to litigation regardless of your best efforts, it’s worth considering whether mediation or arbitration is better suited to your case. Being well-informed about all of your choices can be crucial for how quickly and effectively your dispute is resolved.